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The Michigan IAAI is an international professional association of fire investigation professionals, united by a strong commitment to suppress the crime of arson through professional fire investigation.

Mission Statement


The IAAI shall continue to serve as the global resource for those working in and associated with the fire, arson, and explosion investigation profession with respect to fire safety and prevention; arson investigation, determination, and prosecution; and fire loss claims and litigation. 


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2020/2021 Committee Assignments

Awards & Scholarships 

Tom Bisio, Chair

Bob Drake

Paul Firth

Dave Goff

Fundraising & General Store 

Tom Kropf, Chair

Tom Bisio

Membership, Bylaws & Ethics 

Jeremy Berard, Chair

John Phebus

Ryan Volz

Michigan Arson School 

Tom Bisio, Chair

Jeremy Berard

Mike Hosking

Jason Olszewski

Publications & Communications

Jeremy Berard, Chair

Tammi Connell, Keystone Solutions

Lisa Hoffer, Keystone Solutions

Dan Lee

Brian Werner


Jeremy Berard, Chair

Bob Drake

Steve McCarthy

Ryan Volz